Hi everyone I am happy to be here , it is a perfect opportunity to share our passions , I am a painter and in the last two years i'm doing also papercraft , mixed-media , and home decor.
Forgive my terrible English, I do not have many opportunities to speak it here in Italy , with time I hope to improve .
I am a college student and I live in Italy with my partner , a dog and a cat .

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Hello Katrin.  Very nice to meet you and welcome!

Hi Robin thank's you are kind!

Robin Shakoor said:

Hello Katrin.  Very nice to meet you and welcome!

Ciao, Katrin!)) Da dove sei?))

Sono Lisa e sono molto contenta avere l'amiciza con te, se vuoi...

Sono di Russia, pero' amo l'Italia come la casa mia))

Welcome Katrin it must be so nice to live in Italy?  It is one country I would love to go before I die.   Must be beautiful.  Can't wait to see some of your creations.  By the way your English is perfect. Welcome again.

I live in the Abruzzo region of central Italy , in a village near the sea and not far from the mountain , these days the snow has covered everything and changed the landscape is very beautifu

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